2008 Barrie Beehag Ski Race

Racing was held on Saturday 22nd November 2008

Outright Winner


Driver: Mark Cranny

Observer: Damien Matthews

Skiers: Peter Proctor, Paul Robertson

Time: 24:35.61

River Closure

Saturday 22nd November 2008
Fraser Road Boat Ramp to Torrumbarry Weir
6.30am – 5.00pm

Entry Form

Entry form can be downloaded here

Schedule of Events


At the top of the boat ramp Deep Creek Marina – follow signs
8am – ALL COMPETITORS to attend

Start Times

No boats to be launched after 9.30am
Approximate start time 10am

Food & Drinks

These will be available at the boat ramp, start-finish area and at the Torrumbarry boat ramp during the turnaround.


To follow directly after the race at the top of the boat ramp and after all boats have been removed.

T – Shirt Design

Program Cover