2009 Barrie Beehag Ski Race

Race was held on Saturday 14th November 2009


Deep Creek Marina, Pericoota Road, Moama

Outright Winner


Driver: Noel James Griffin

Observer: Bernard Simpson

Skiers: Christopher Stout, Grant Turner

Time: 23:16.0

River Closures

Saturday 14th November 2009
Fraser Road Boat Ramp to Torrumbarry Weir
6.30am – 5.00pm

Entry Form

Entry form can be downloaded here

Schedule of Events


At the top of the boat ramp Deep Creek Marina – follow signs
7.30am – ALL COMPETITORS to attend. ALL COMPETITORS to sign in at briefing.

Start Times

No boats to be launched after 9.30am
Approximate start time 10am

Food & Drinks

These will be available at the boat ramp, start-finish area and at the Torrumbarry boat ramp during the turnaround.


To follow directly after the race, after all boats have been removed.


Program Cover