2019 Barrie Beehag Ski Race

To be held Saturday 16th November 2019


Deep Creek Marina, Perricoota road, Moama, NSW.


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Outright Winner


Driver: TBD

Observer: TBD

Skiers: TBD

Time: TBD

River Closure

Saturday 16th  November 2019, Fraser road Boat Ramp to Torrumbarry Weir 6am to 6pm


Briefing will be advised.  Please ensure that your membership and details are up to date with Ski Racing Australia.

Schedule of Events

Briefing – TBA

Breath Testing and skier helmet check  at the top of the ramp from 6.30am to 8.30am.

9.30am – Approximate start time – with boats travelling to Torrumbarry.

Return time is dependent upon when all the boats are accounted for.

Speed restrictions apply in Marina. Tow boats will be available to those that require towing out of Marina.

Under NSW Roads & Maritime Aquatic Licence conditions, strictly no alcohol to be carried in boats and NO alcohol to be consumed until the boat has been retrieved by an crew members.

Food & Drinks will be available at the Boat Ramp, Start – Finish area and at Torrumbarry Boat Ramp during the turnaround.

Presentation to follow directly after the race, after all boats have been removed at the Deep Creek Marina Hotel.


Classes in the 2019 event will be:

  1. Superclass – Sponsored by
  2. Unlimited Inboard Sponsored by –
  3. Unlimited Outboard – Sponsored by –
  4. Sportsmans – Sponsored by –
  5. 8 Litre – Sponsored by –
  6. 6 Litre – Sponsored by –
  7. SMOC – Sponsored by –
  8. Under 18 – Sponsored by –
  9. Under 16 – Sponsored by –
  10. Under 14 – Sponsored by –
  11. 70mph – Sponsored by –
  12. Under 12 – Sponsored by –
  13. 60mph – Sponsored by –

Entry costs are ? which includes the $188.50 SRA fee.


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