Countdown till the Official Practice day

Official Practice for the 2021 Southern 80

Saturday 18th December, there will sanctioned practice for Southern 80 competitors on part of the Southern 80 course, from Torrumbarry to Headworks boat ramp.

We are a COVID safe event and therefore all competitors and crew must sign and QR code at the checkpoint at Torrumbarry.

Saturday 18th December 2021 Conditions for entry

All competitors and crew must sign in at QR code checkpoint at Breatho. Trailer driver and any other crew must do same.

This event is for practice it is NOT A RACE and there will be no timing.

The entries for the event will be capped at 60 and close on Sunday 12th December 5pm

Your entry fee of $110 is to cover our cost for Paramedic, administration costs, permits etc. This is a break-even event for our club.

The start will be at Torrumbarry Weir 1 minute apart, boats will be seeded by the MWSC committee. Each boat can do 3 practice runs, with the river to be swept between each. Finish at Headworks, retrieve the boat and proceed by road back to Torrumbarry. Only boats towing 2 skiers can enter.

Signing in for breath testing and briefing will be via the bar code on your 2021/22 SRA membership card or Photo ID. All skiers are to present their own helmets to the breath testing area. Driver’s phones will be checked for the Emergency Plus app.

It is recommended that at least one Telstra mobile phone be carried in the boat, as this service has been found to provide the best coverage in this area, in the case of an emergency. Please ensure that this number is noted against the driver or observer on entry, in the case that we need to contact you urgently. Contact MWSC control on 54806754 for any issues. All phones that are carried in the boat must have the Emergency Plus App loaded for use if case of emergency if MWSC control cannot be contacted.  There will be a Paramedic on course, all teams are to use the SRA medical flag as per rules. There will be 5 MWSC course boats on course placed on difficult corners. Please look for yellow or red flags displayed on these boats. Stop immediately if red flag.

All boats as per SRA scrutineered prior to the event as there is no scrutineering on the day. Logbooks are required and will be checked. Each boat is to carry GPS for speed monitoring as per SRA rules, this is to be checked off after EACH practice session at Headworks boat ramp with MWSC Official.  The maximum speed for all boats is 100mph. If we are unable to read your unit, you will not be able to continue with further sessions. Speed caps will be what the lower of boat class or competitor in the team is as per SRA membership. Overspeed will be referred to the SRA race committee for demerit penalties.

Any breach of MWSC bylaws or SRA rules will lead to penalties/disqualification as per the discretion of the Chief judge in consultation with MWSC officials. Decisions are final and will be accepted by all team members as per the entry form. Any competitor who disobeys instructions or fails to follow SRA rules will make their total team and boat ineligible to enter 2022 Southern 80.

  1. Rules Practice Day is conducted under Ski Racing Australia Rules (“SRA”) and Moama Water Sports Club (“MWSC”) Bylaws. All competitors will be conversant with all such RULES and BYLAWS. The MWSC reserves the right to refuse entry to any Competitor at any time prior to the commencement of their run.
  2. Entry to event An entry is not deemed to be accepted until all payments have been made.
  3. Licence All Competitors must have a current SRA approved State Ski Racing Licence and State Maritime Licence.
  4. Briefing. ALL competitors [drivers, observers and skiers], 13 years and over MUST attend the verbal briefing at top of boat launching ramp Torrumbarry on Sat 18th Dec at 7.30 am sharp. Please ensure you arrive early and complete QR code, breath testing and helmet checking which opens at 7.00 am and closes at the briefing. Please stay in the area and do not leave until the briefing is complete. You will sign in for breath testing &/or helmet check and again after the main briefing. Failure to do so will see the team not able to start. A copy of briefing notes will be sent to all competitors, but you must attend a verbal briefing on site.
  5. Crew Responsibility Competitors will obey directions from all Officials as per SRA Rules and the SRA Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of the entire team to sign in at the briefing at the Information area and attend the briefing. All competitors will be conversant with MWSC Briefing Sheet regulations regarding withdrawals, injuries and recovery of stricken boats. Breaches of these rules may incur disqualification from future MWSC races.
  6. Breath Testing – This Will occur from 7 am on Saturday morning.  Please be aware of rule 8.2 (i(i)), competitors undertaking a breath test must not consume any liquids or food while waiting in line for their test and must record a blood alcohol level of 0.000.  Teams are required to breath test before launching boats between each practice session.
  7. Alcohol/Drugs Random breath testing/drug testing will be carried out. Alcohol is not permitted to be carried in boats. Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted by Competitors until Boat and Crew are out of the water at Headworks after the last practice session
  8. Boat Regulations Adequate silencing devices must be fitted, and the noise level must not exceed 85 DBA. SRA Rule 7.5 No refuelling in the water at any time.
  9. Boat numbers The number you must have on the boat will be advised by MWSC Wednesday prior.
  10. Unforeseen circumstances MWSC will not be responsible for any delays or cancellation of the event caused by a force majeure event including but not limited to acts of God, fire, war, terrorism, epidemic, earthquake, strike, bad weather, labour controversy, order of court, shortage or interruptions of facilities or material supply.
  11. Withdrawal No boat is to move along the course once they have stopped until the Sweep Boat has given instructions. Any boat moving on course without permission of MWSC control will have the complete team disqualified from the next MWSC event they enter.
  12. Exclusion area. Any boat leaving or entering the exclusion (River Closed) area from 6 am Saturday to 4 pm Saturday 18th December 2021 the entire team will be disqualified from the next MWSC event they enter.
  13. Race Day Report Failure to complete race day report within 1 hour from completion of practice will see please explain letter from MWSC. Please comply. Any incidents must be written on the race day report and if required both SRA and Maritime incident report forms are filled in and returned with the race day report.
  14. Houseboats, car and trailer parking.
      • No houseboats can be used to tie boats up to, walk down the side of, sit or stand on the back or enter in any way
      • Participants are to ensure all litter is cleaned up in the trailer park before launching boats and after retrieval.
      • Parking at the launch ramp area is to only be in the designated areas, support crews are to move away from the area.
  15. Images and Likeness Participants agree for MWSC to use their image and likeness for event promotion and media.

Practice day is proudly presented by the Moama Water Sports Club Ltd. Any behaviour deemed not to be in the “spirit” of the rules of Water Ski Racing will incur a penalty from the club or SRA.

Any competitor who disobeys instructions or fails to follow SRA rules will make their total team and boat ineligible to enter 2022 Southern 80.

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